Listen to Matthew’s Passion Narrative

On this blessed Good Friday, while we are unable to gather in person, we hope you will find meaning and promise in this reading of the Passion of Jesus, as told in the Gospel of Matthew. The cast are ELCA pastors from around the Northern Conference of the Central/Southern Illinois Synod:

  • Narrator: Pastor Mary Beenken (Grace and Peace, Peoria)
  • Jesus: Pastor Nathan Johnson (St. John’s, Toluca)
  • Peter: Pastor John Rothfusz (Faith, Washington)
  • Pilate: Pastor Micah Garnett (Trinity, Canton)
  • Servant Girls: Mrs. Andrea Garnett (Trinity, Canton) 
  • Judas, High Priests, Soldiers, & Crowd Parts: Pastor Michael Jones (St. John, Bartonville)

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