About Us

Grace and Peace is a growing, faith-filled congregation with a strong presence in the north end of Peoria. Grace and Peace Lutheran Church has a rich history. It is the blending of two congregations – one a mission church and one a long-established congregation. The blending of these two unique perspectives to God’s work and ministry created the Grace and Peace congregation that moved into the current facility in 1994.

Peace Lutheran Church was a mission church formed in 1981, formerly located at Big Hollow Road and War Memorial Drive. This mission project was started by two Lutheran churches in Peoria – First English and Zion.

Grace Lutheran Church was founded in 1913, with formal Articles of Incorporation filed in 1914. Services began at the YWCA facility, soon moving to a church building at Illinois and Dechman in 1916. The growing congregation moved to a new church facility on Arcadia Street in the late 1950’s.

The two congregations merged, built a new facility, and dedicated that facility in 1994.

We welcome everyone to join us in Sunday worship, whether you are just visiting Peoria or you are looking for a church home.

What Lutherans Believe
Lutherans hold to the following basic principles of theology and practice written by Martin Luther:

We are saved by the grace of God alone – not by anything we do.
Through faith alone, we receive this salvation by believing in Christ and that our sins are forgiven for Christ’s sake who died to redeem us.
The Bible is the only norm of doctrine and life – the only true standard by which teachings and doctrines are to be judged.
To learn more about Martin Luther, what Lutherans believe, or the history of our Lutheran affiliation (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), please visit the ELCA website.