Community Action & Nurture

What does it mean to Nurture?  When you nurture a person, you care for that person and help him or her grow. As a community of Grace and Peace, we are here to help our fellow members. There are many ways we can do this. Besides our Grace and Peace members,  we reach out to the community to support their needs as well. This is done in numerous ways. We Research and help select projects where Grace and Peace can be involved in the community and support the efforts of other organizations that reflect our Christian values. In addition, special congregational events have been selected that nurture our entire congregation such as nourishing dinners, fundraising for good samaritans, and church rummage sales.

Nourishing Dinner
Crittenton Visit

We are a small group that meets monthly via zoom.  We share the needs of our church and the community.  We are laid back, and supportive of one another ideas.  Please join us.


Music on the Lawn

EVANGELISMEvangelism exists at Grace and Peace to help everyday people take one step closer to Jesus.

The Evangelism Ministry presents the Gospel and Grace and Peace Congregation to the neighborhood and larger community. In fulfilling these accountabilities this Ministry plans systematic programs and methodologies to spread the Gospel, implements a consistent public congregational voice to the broader community, and informs the congregation about and encourages engagement in the missional work of the  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church in  America. Ranging from Lenten Films to Live Streaming to Social Media and Website postings, to Music on the Lawn, ministry through our street-front sign, work with ministry partners like Lutheran Social Services of  Illinois and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, a wide and growing range of missional ministry opportunities are present.


The Property Ministry provides and maintains the physical property of the congregation, including the buildings, equipment, furnishings, and vehicles. We keep an inventory of all property, and are responsible for the supervision of the custodial employees, we provide written job descriptions for those responsible for custodial or maintenance duties. So, if your passion is to mow grass or maintain the church grounds, or maybe you love to do small fix-it jobs and help keep things orderly this is the Ministry for you. We welcome anyone who would love to pitch in and lend a helping hand

Great Room Renovation
Fall Clean Up
Parking Lot Resurfacing


Worship and Music Ministry

The Worship and Music Ministry plans all regular and special worship activities. It also ensures that the congregation has regular opportunities to receive Holy Communion. The ministry provides for all physical details of worship. It is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping musicians, assisting ministers, lectors, acolytes, altar guild, greeters, and ushers.

There are opportunities to serve in many areas in this ministry: We meet once a month via zoom. Serve as assisting ministers, serve as a greeter or lay reader, be a prayer partner, sing in the choir, sing a solo or duet, play an instrument, participate in the global band, play in the chimes choir, help make baptism banners.

Help make or change church banners, serve on the altar guild, set up Holy Communion, take communion to at-home members,  serve as an usher, and help with the sound/projection system.


A strong women’s ministry thrives at Grace and Peace. WOGAP champions multiple service projects in the community as well as the Northern Conference, sponsors and hosts a variety of programs in our church, and supports women’s circles and a Bible Study that meets on their own. Our quilters work year-round and also assemble layettes, school kits, personal hygiene kits, and seasonal items for Lutheran World Relief. We also have a group for Widows/Widowers and a Fifties Plus fellowship.

Preparing Baby Care Kits for the LWR
School Kit Assembly
Quilt Blessing

The Women of Grace and Peace is a collective body of every woman in the congregation of Grace and Peace Lutheran Church. Our Church women are connected with women of the Northern Conference which in turn is connected with women of the Central/Southern Synod of Illinois.  All of this connects us with the Women of the ELCA (Churchwide), and then onward to the Worldwide Women. The ripple effect is huge and YOU are a part of it.

The board maintains its own checking account.  We pay for the Puritan Springs bottled water in the kitchen and purchase all coffee supplies for various functions and activities of the church.  Our funds are received from various sources including, but not limited to: Miriam Circle offerings, coffee hour service, and various individual contributions.  We request that the Board be reimbursed $1.00 for each packet of coffee used by or for any group or activity of the congregation.  A wooden box is located near the coffee pot where contributions can be made.

The Board also arranges meal services for the funerals of members of the congregation. The Board Coordinator, Ann Joyce, works with Pastor and the family to be sure the needs of the family are met.

The Board of the Women of Grace and Peace appreciates the support of the congregation and should you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for future activities, please be sure to contact one of us.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please talk to one of us!

The mission statement of the Women of Grace and Peace and the Women of the ELCA includes variations of the action words: profess, act, call,  empower, affirm, support, and promote.


Sometimes that means we promote opportunities to give to the church financially, which allows us to maintain God’s house and support the work of our mission partners. Other times it means we help with donation efforts for our fellow ministry teams or outside organizations. And always, it means that we strive to help the people of our community find ways to use their own unique gifts by serving in a ministry, volunteering to help with a project, or getting connected to others in fellowship. We meet once a month and always come away astonished by what God has already done for us! If you have gifts for fundraising, organizing, encouraging others, or dreaming for the future, we would love to welcome you to the Stewardship ministry—

Stewardship – Encourages new members to join in service with other congregation members and also acts to encourage existing members of the congregation to devote their time and talents to make our church as productive as it can be.

“Stewardship” means putting all of the gifts that God has given to us to good use. At Grace and Peace, we have been blessed with many gifts, including our shared building and all of the people who make up our congregation. The Stewardship ministry works to help our community take care of our church, our neighbors, and one another by cultivating ways to share these gifts.



We plan and administer financial management for the congregation. In doing this, the Team supervise bill payment and investments, manage the congregation’s insurance program, ensures an annual audit of the congregation’s financial records is completed, handle Memorial Funds and other special funds, collects data from other Ministries, and prepares a preliminary annual budget for the Congregation. This council maintains a working knowledge of church financial record software and supervises the recording of the congregation’s giving records. The   Ministry Team needs volunteers with experience, talents, or interest in this area to ensure the orderly management of congregational finances.