At Grace and Peace Lutheran, there are many opportunities to get involved. We have multiple ministry experiences to choose from – these ministries help to bring many special opportunities to our congregation.

We encourage everyone to get involved with a ministry that interests them.

Christian Education & Youth – Helps to select curriculum and topics and programs for the congregation as well as offers assistance and support for the entire Christian education program. Additionally, this ministry helps provide a vibrant youth program that extends beyond Sunday education.

Community Action & Nurture – Researches and helps to select projects that Grace and Peace can be involved in the community and support the efforts of other organizations that are in keeping with our Christian values. In addition, special congregational events are selected that nurture our entire congregation.

Evangelism – Evangelism exists at Grace and Peace to help everyday people take one step closer to Jesus.

Finance – Oversees and manages the budget and cash flow for the church.

Long Range Planning –Helps to identify and monitor the vision of the congregation.

Property – Responsible for and maintains the physical property of Grace and Peace church.

Stewardship – Encourages new members to join in service with other congregation members and also acts to stir up and encourage existing members of the congregation to devote their time and talents to making our church as productive as it can.

Worship and Music – Responsible for all aspects of the worship service and also oversees and trains all volunteer members that participate in the service.

Women of Grace and Peace – A strong women’s ministry thrives at Grace and Peace. WOGAP champions multiple service projects in the community as well as the Northern Conference, sponsors and hosts a variety of programs in our church, and supports three women’s circles that meet on their own:  Miriam Circle — Woman to Woman — Rebecca Circle